How do I track my order?

You may track your order by going to this link.

How long thus it take to receive my order

It normally takes 2-3 days if you are located here in Metro Manila and might take up to 7 days if you are ordering from the province.

Do you offer Cash on Delivery (COD)?
Yes, we do offer Cash on Delivery (COD) via our partner brand.
Do you offer International Shipping?
Our team is currently working on this option. Rest assured that we are doing our best to make our products available worldwide.
My Eye Glasses Has -600 Power/Grade, what Power/Grade can I use if I am to buy a contact lens?

I really depends. Some of our clients order -575 and it works for them but we really suggest you contact your Eye Specialist to make sure.

How Many Times Will Your Courier Try To Deliver If Ever I Order?

Our partner brand will try to deliver your order in 2 consecutive days if it wasn’t successful the first time around.